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Welcome to!

Brentmark® Software is pleased to introduce you to its line of calculation tools.
These tools let you include some of Brentmark's most detailed and complex calculations in your own intranet, internet, or stand-alone software products.

Who are we?
If you do any financial, estate, or retirement planning, you are undoubtedly already using some Brentmark Software products. We have been providing state of the art calculation software since 1985 and have built our reputation on providing our customers with the ability to do extremely detailed analyses quickly and easily. For more information, check out

What are these tools?
The idea behind these tools is simple: we provide our calculations to your web sites and applications. Your development team designs the web site (or Windows program) using our tools to crunch the numbers. Your web design, your user interface, your reports, our calculations.
Brentmark offers two different types of calculation tools:

  • Online Calculators: These products allow you to incorporate our calculations into your own intranet or internet website.
  • DLL Products: DLLs are libraries of functions which can be called directly by your own products. Whether you are programming in C, C++, VB, Delphi, or virtually any other Windows development environment, you can use these products. Even spreadsheet users can access these DLLs.
As you can see, these software packages are all about flexibility. With them, you can incorporate our complex time-tested calculations into your own web sites and applications.

Looking for Windows Software?
If you interested in state of the art planning software for Windows, see our web site at!


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