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DLL Products

The Brentmark Software Dynamic Link Libraries

The Brentmark Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) provide many of Brentmark's calculations in standard Windows 32 bit DLLs. These DLLs can be called directly by virtually any programming environment (C, C++, Delphi, VB, Excel, etc.) allowing your programmers to incorporate our calculations directly into your application.

  1. The Brentmark Minimum Distributions DLL provides calculation of the minimum distributions required after age 70½. This product includes all the different recalculation options, as well as calculations for spousal, nonspousal, and single cases. It even handles spousal rollovers and secondary beneficiaries!
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  2. The Brentmark Minimum Distributions Plus 72(t) DLL adds the ability to calculate Pre-59½ Distributions Calculations. This product handles all three methods of calculating the substantially equal periodic payments.
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  3. The Brentmark Tax Tools DLL provides many of the calculations in our best-selling Estate Planning Tools Software program. This package includes QPRTs, GRATs, GRUTs, CRATs, CRUTs, CLATs, CLUTs, Private Annuities, and many more!
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If you have used Windows, you have worked with DLLs. They are fundamental to the Windows architecture. What we are doing is extending this architecture to include our calculations. Whenever your development team needs to perform a complex calculation, they simply call our DLL to do it. Weeks (possibly months) of research and development are replaced with a simple one line function call. To help your development team, each product includes:
  • Complete reference manual documenting (with examples) how to call the calculator
  • Sample Excel workbook illustrating the use of the calculator
  • Technical support via e-mail and telephone - with the development team that created the calculator
  • 12 months of upgrades.


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