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Minimum Distributions

Demo: Minimum Distributions Online Calculator

The online calculator can handle any combination of owner, beneficiary, and secondary beneficiary dying, but for the purposes of this example, no deaths are assumed to occur. The 1/11/2001 regulations are assumed to apply in 2001, and the 4/17/2002 final regulations are assumed to apply in 2002 (and beyond). You can see an example of this calculator in action at
Follow these three simple steps to get your results:

Step 1: Answer the following questions:

Enter the distribution year:
Enter the balance of the plan:
Enter a projected growth rate:
Enter the owner's date of birth:
Enter the beneficiary's date of birth: (leave blank if none)
The beneficiary is the owner's spouse
Make distributions at end of each year

Step 2: Select what type of report to view:

Step 3: When you are finished, click this button to see the results:

(results will appear in a new browser window)

Note: This page illustrates the use of MinWeb, Brentmark's ISAPI DLL which calculates the minimum distributions required when taking money out of qualified retirement plans. Web pages accessing Brentmark's online calculators must include the following copyright message:

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