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The Brentmark Software Online Calculators

Brentmark Online Products use the latest technology to deliver fast reliable solutions for your corporate intranet or internet site. They are ISAPI DLLs that run on your NT Web Server and provide calculations to standard HTML web pages. If you prefer, Brentmark can provide CGI executables, instead. You can design your own interface for use with our calculations or take advantage of our web page designers (see Custom Web Design below).

  1. The Brentmark Online Roth Conversion Calculator quickly and easily analyzes whether it makes sense to convert an IRA into a Roth IRA. This product takes into account both minimum distributions and income taxes, and assumes a full stretch-out. The final results are evaluated in terms of how much value is drawn out of the IRA. For more information (and a demonstration) click here.
  2. The Brentmark Online Minimum Distributions Calculator provides calculation of the minimum distributions required after age 70½. This product includes all the different recalculation options, as well as calculations for spousal, nonspousal, and single cases. It even handles spousal rollovers and secondary beneficiaries!
    For more information (and a demonstration) click here.
  3. The Brentmark Online Minimum Distributions Plus 72(t) Calculator adds the ability to calculate Pre-59½ Distributions Calculations. This product handles all three methods of calculating the substantially equal periodic payments.
    For more information (and a demonstration) click here.

These products provide you with more than just canned calculations. They are based on the idea that you will incorporate them into your own web site design. You create the input forms and result forms. All our calculator does is the calculations. To help your development team, each product includes:

  • Complete reference manual documenting (with examples) how to call the calculator
  • Sample HTML code illustrating the use of the calculator
  • Technical support via e-mail and telephone - with the development team that created the calculator
  • 12 months of upgrades (only on calculator, not on Custom Web Page Design).

Custom Web Page Design
A great advantage of putting this software on the web is that you can design your own web page interfaces. Using our example web pages (and the included documentation), you can create your own web interface quickly. Or, if you prefer a turn-key solution, you can take advantage of Brentmark's software developers and have us design your web page for your. We work interactively with you to make sure we deliver exactly what you are looking for.


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