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Online Pre-59½ Distributions

Online Minimum Distributions plus 72(t) Calculator

This calculator provides all the functionality of the Online Minimum Distributions Calculator, plus it adds the calculations for the " substantially equal periodic payments " needed to avoid the 10% penalty for pre-59½ distributions (also known as Section 72(t) calculations). This DLL handles all the pre-59½ distribution calculations contained in our Pension Distributions Calculator, including the following:

  • Pre-59½ Distributions:
    • Single and joint life calculations
    • All 3 methods - Annuity, Amortization, and Minimum Distribution
    • Annual, Semiannual, quarterly, and monthly distributions calculated
  • Minimum Distributions:
    • Single or joint life expectancies
    • Spousal and non-spousal beneficiaries
    • Effect of death on minimum distribution calculations
    • Spousal rollovers
    • Inherited IRAs
For a demonstration of how this calculator works, click here.


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