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Pre-59½ Distributions

Demo: Online Pre-59½ Distributions Calculator

The online calculator handles all three methods of taking distributions, and has been updated for Rev. Rul. 2002-62. For the purposes of this example, several assumptions (birth dates, analysis date, single or joint life expectancy, etc.) have been locked. In the actual calculator, the user could change these assumptions.
Follow these three simple steps to get your results

Step 1: Answer the following questions:

Enter the date of the analysis: (disabled for demo)
Enter the balance of the plan:
Enter a projected growth rate:
Enter the number of distributions per year:
Select the distribution method:
Enter the owner's date of birth: (disabled for demo)
Enter a "reasonable" interest rate: (not used for RMD Method)

Step 2: Select what type of report to view:

Step 3: When you are finished, click this button to see the results:

(results will appear in a new browser window)

Note: This page illustrates the use of Pre59Web, Brentmark's ISAPI DLL which calculates the substantially equal periodic payments needed to avoid the 10% penalty on pension distributions taken before age 59½. The owner's birth date and distribution year have been locked to prevent this from being used as anything more than a demonstration.

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